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Brett and his son Caiden held multiple equipment drives for Pitch in for Baseball (PIFB).

2017: We held our first annual baseball equipment drive in July of 2017. We collected 100+ items mainly from our local community. We had lots of fun doing the drive and were pleased with the results. We primarily collected used items in our inaugural drive. All items were boxed and shipped to Pitch in for Baseball.

2018: We decided to hold our second annual drive in the spring of 2018 to take advantage of spring cleaning efforts. We were not able to generate quite as much used equipment as the past year. We started to think of new ways to get others informed of our efforts. Primarily, we leveraged our business network. The business donations gave us an opportunity to collect/shop for brand new goods. We completed our second drive and shipped out in May 2018. This drive included more than $1,500.00 in brand new equipment.

Overview – Pitch In For Baseball & Softball® (PIFBS)
Pitch In For Baseball & Softball® (PIFBS) is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that helps give the gift of play and contributes to positive youth development by providing equipment to children around the world. PIFBS reduces barriers to play and promotes youth development by providing equipment directly to leagues, schools, and organizations around the world to start, continue, and/or expand their programs. They have helped more than 900,000 children play ball in over 100 countries worldwide and in every state in the U.S., including assistance to 30 communities impacted by natural disasters. In 2021, we will celebrate serving our 1,000,000th child.

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